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Living on Three Spoons

a memoir of a single parent

Living on Three Spoons takes the reader on a journey through Susan's battles from a drug-infested, abusive childhood to her struggles to maintain emotional balance as a teenage single parent. Born in New York, Susan, a fiery Hispanic Brooklynite, chronicles the lessons she learned and applied to fight back against oppressive forces.

As a young teen mom, Susan leaves behind the father of her daughters and thrives as a hardworking single parent with the hope of changing the course of her life. Years later, she attempts marriage again and has two more children. Ultimately, single parenthood became a designed choice. With meager emotional and financial means, she faces defeat by using ingenuity and raw courage to forge a life for herself and her four children.

This riveting story carries the reader from Brooklyn, to Puerto Rico, to the cultural immersion of living in the Middle East, culminating in a return to New York City.

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If you enjoyed reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" as a teenager and "A Glass Castle" as an adult, you will thoroughly be captivated by Susan Torres' story, "Living on Three Spoons"! It's a story of survival and resilience. You will spend your time wondering how a little girl from Brooklyn could thrive in such desperate conditions. Her courage and never ending determination to do right by her children drives her to do what most of us couldn't even comprehend. 
It is truly a remarkable story.

A Future Classic

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This was an engrossing read about a single mother who reinvents herself time and time again. Susan Torres documents her difficult childhood surrounded by drugs, abuse, and neglect; and the various paths she chose to create a better life for herself and her four children. When she found her life becoming uncomfortably close to the terrible childhood she herself endured, Susan picked herself up and removed herself and her children from their toxic environments, even when it meant leaving her children's fathers behind and fleeing distant lands to which she had relocated with her family. It is a story of courage and self-reliance and, ultimately, the triumph of a single parent to instill a sense of love and responsibility in her children.

Fascinating Memoir

This story is triumphant! The way this innocent young woman finds her voice and against all the odds manages to raise her children in the loving environment that was never afforded to her as a child. A true success story! Her courageousness will challenge all who read it to look closer at their own lives and existence. Listening to your inner voice and staying true to yourself are some of the finer lessons taught here! The power of words is truly exposed in this tale and it is evident how young Susan's passion for reading helped make her the woman she has become today! The choices we make and the roads we choose truly shape our lives.

Journey of will over circumstance

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Minor Setback/Major Comeback

How Our Obstacles Inspire Resilience to Build a Better Tomorrow


About Susan Torres

Susan Torres is a mother, author, and teacher. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Susan chronicles her story in Living on Three Spoons, which depicts her turbulent childhood and challenging single parenting years. Determined to correct her life choices–teen pregnancies and destructive marriages—she balances single parenting, educational pursuits, and career opportunities along the way. She graduated from Brooklyn College and has been a public school teacher for nearly two decades in the inner cities of New York, New Jersey, and Chicago. Susan recently embarked on an adventure with the blessing of her children, taking a teaching opportunity in the United Arab Emirates for two years. She currently mentors college students in New Delhi, India, providing guidance and support to help them achieve their dreams. Susan continues to serve youth as a public school teacher in Chicago, Illinois. 

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