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Parenting and Self-Defeating Family Cycles

Parents are significant impactful leaders and change agents. If parents are to change generational self-defeating family cycles, they need to start by talking about their family history. What are some ways to open that door with your child?


Parenting and Your Child’s Education

To help children become life-long learners, parents can model learning in creative ways. As a parent, how can you instill within your child ownership and accountability over their educational experience, relying less on your encouragement?

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Parenting and Relationships
Outside of the
Family Bubble

Students in Cafeteria

Relationships are lifelines that can lead to self-exploration about who you are and who you become. When a parent insists on keeping tight reigns on the inner family circle, it can limit growing opportunities for your child. How can a parent practice modeling open-mindedness toward others who are culturally or religiously different?

Parenting and External Influencers

In today’s world, there are more external influencers than ever before. It’s nearly impossible to monitor what youngsters are exposed to. Parents can learn ways to teach their child to engage in positive and trustworthy situations that will benefit them in the long term.

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How NOT to Parent Your Child

We all know the expression get out of your own way. When it comes to parenting, you need to get out of your child's way, too. Children need a landscape to explore, expand, and explode if need be, and on their own terms. At some juncture, parents need to let kids grow without guiding, nudging, coaxing, or lecturing them. As children grow and mature, feelings of empowerment in succeeding at something they created on their own is a birthright. What can parents do to teach creative autonomy?


Parenting and College Years

Your young adult’s exploration of their new role takes off, and you are now a long-distant parent. How does your parent/child relationship shift, and what can you do as a parent to support them while managing your evolving role.

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