Imperfect Parenting:
The Torres Method

The pressure of parenting the “right way” weighs heavily on anyone taking on this life-changing role. Imperfect Parenting:  The Torres Method portrays Susan's brutally honest real-life stories of raising four children from cradle to college, featuring all of the successful outcomes, along with the realities of imperfect parenting.


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Neges of the Pearl

by Marie Thadal with Susan Torres

At thirteen, Marie’s world is altered drastically by her mother’s decision to send her to America to live with an almost stranger—her father. Several years back, Marie’s dad would venture away from the family to chase the American dream. Now that Marie was back in his life, how would she adjust to living with someone she barely knew. She had to trust her mother’s intentions. From one of the worst poverty-stricken countries to the land of hope and prosperity, Marie forges ahead to fulfill her mother’s dream.

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Living on Three Spoons

a memoir of a single parent 

Living on Three Spoons takes the reader on a journey through Susan's battles from a drug-infested, abusive childhood to her struggles to maintain emotional balance as a teenage single parent. Born in New York, Susan, a fiery Hispanic Brooklynite, chronicles the lessons she learned and applied to fight back against oppressive forces.

As a young teen mom, Susan leaves behind the father of her daughters and thrives as a hardworking single parent with the hope of changing the course of her life. Years later, she attempts marriage again and has two more children. Ultimately, single parenthood became a designed choice. With meager emotional and financial means, she faces defeat by using ingenuity and raw courage to forge a life for herself and her four children.

This riveting story carries the reader from Brooklyn, to Puerto Rico, to the cultural immersion of living in the Middle East, culminating in a return to New York City.

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